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Loca Deserta: Sloboda 2. December Patch.

Loca Deserta: Sloboda 2. December Patch.

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Dmytro Gladkyi
·Dec 26, 2022·

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Release Stats

Before we tell show you our awesome December Patch Changelog we want to share some happy news! After two weeks we've gotten into the Top Paid Games categories and keep rocking it! Tremendeous result for such a tiny team as ours 🥹

Download it now at the App Store:

or at Play Store:

December Patch Changelog

We added to this patch much more than we initially planned.

🎉New gameplay features:

🗺️Changes to the map:

  • 💵 New Market

  • 🎡New Mill (all 3 levels)

  • Redesigned the corner in the Sea Valley. Added some loot there.

  • ⭐️Replaced old voxel chests with lowpoly variants.

  • 🎏New animation of selling Fish.

  • 🌾New environment object: bags with flour or grains.

  • The wind blows directly onto the mill's wheels.

  • More details in the main menu scene.


  • ↘️Lowered the volume of birds.

  • 🎤The NPC Bard near the Church is louder.

  • 🏠The recruiter's house costs 3 pieces of wood, 3 stones and 3 planks.

  • 💥The cannon maker costs 3 logs, 3 stones, 3 planks and 1 metal.

  • ⚓️The Shipyard costs 1 gold, 3 planks and 3 wood.

  • 🎡The Mill near the Sea is no longer auto-built.

  • 🛑No more free Sawmill in the northern valley.


  • 🇩🇪Added German translation


Download it now at the App Store:

or at Play Store:

Watch the release trailer on youtube:

Or check our official website: and Telegram Group:

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