Loca Deserta: Odesa. Available on Apple and Google Stores!

Loca Deserta: Odesa. Available on Apple and Google Stores!

Build. Craft. Explore.


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We are happy to announce that we have published our 6th game in the Loca Deserta game universe!

Google Play: Loca Deserta: Odesa - Apps on Google Play

Apple App Store: Loca Deserta: Odesa on the App Store (apple.com)

This time we made our game more RPGish-like, with quests altering the environment, treasure hunting and artefacts gathering.

The previous game "Loca Deserta: Sloboda 2" has been in the top paid games in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ App Store for 6 months straight! We hope to repeat this success and maybe we will see both our games sitting next to each other in Top-1-2 ❀️

Let's see what's new in this game.

Huge open world map

This time we decided not to limit our players with unlockable gates, but to allow them to discover all of the spots on them map from the very beginning! Go wherever you want, build whatever you want. Or find some NPCs who can give you advice or tell you the secrets about our treasures πŸ˜‰

Only 1/3 of the whole available map:

Only 1/3 of the whole map

Overhauled the whole art style

The new art style is cartoon, instead of the previous low-poly one. The map is dense, no running through the deserted roads or fields. Anywhere you step is either an NPC, a resource spot or some building you have to build and use for production.

Live as an NPC and help others

Speak with NPCs. They share with you knowledge about the outer world. Whom did they see at the cemetery at night with a candle looking for treasures...All quests are built into the game and map naturally, without artificial UI elements or mini-map with a compass. Listen to NPCs to get directions! Just like in good old TES III Morrowind or Gothic times ✊🏻

Completing quests changes the environment

See the wagon with a wax? That water well in the center of the square? A horseshoe on the roof? An opened gate to the right (hint: treasure related πŸ’°)? It was all the result of your job, completing quests, producing goods for the citizens and finishing their tasks. Each quest changes something in the game.

Treasure hunting

NPCs, once you complete their quests, will share with you the directions to find the treasure spots. Just grab a shovel, visit the discovered location and dig. Boom. You are now a treasure hunter. Find all 5 treasures and artefacts!

Collecting all artefacts

You have to find all the treasures on the map and bring them to the central hill. Each artefact tells you a story about Ukraine and its history.

See you!

See you in the Loca Deserta: Odesa! Have fun and play our game! And in the meantime, we start preparing the next games!